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Asbestos Removal Blackpool

Asbestos Removal Blackpool

You can not overestimate the risks associated with asbestos. Although it has not been commonly used in buildings for a number of years now, it remains an extremely dangerous substance, and should never be disturbed except by a professional.

Asbestos can often be found in:

  • Old Garages as panels, or in the roof
  • Kitchen or bathroom floor tiles
  • Artex-covered Ceilings
  • Plumbing and drain systems
  • Hidden behind plasterboard
  • Pipe lagging

Certified Asbestos Removal in Blackpool

Greenfield Removals staff are fully trained and are proud to bear a number of accreditations to safely work with asbestos. These include UKATA, PASMA, CSCS and EUSR. If you select a team without these qualifications then you can not be sure that the substance is being handled in a safe way, which could result in a risk to both you and your family, neighbours or co-workers. Unlike some competitor companies, Greenfield Removals will work with domestic clients as well as commercial ones, and they are more than capable of dealing with anything from a small domestic task: for examples dismantling and disposing of an old asbestos garage; right up to the largest of commercial tasks. Greenfield Removals have a number of trained and experienced staff that have taken on tasks for a range of large organisations that include Network Rail, the National Grid and also several local councils and universities.

Greenfield Removals – Trained Asbestos Experts

Greenfield Removals are a North West based waste management company that are specialists in the safe handling and the safe removal and lawful disposal of asbestos. A family run company; they prioritise health and safety and are environmentally aware. Greenfield Removals serve the areas surrounding Blackpool, and they are fully licensed and regulated as waste carriers by the Environment Agency.

Asbestos Removal is a specialist job. Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring materials and it is used in building for insulation, roofing, tiles and bricks. It is famous because of its high tensile strength, chemical and heat resistivity. But it is a toxic material, so Asbestos Removal Blackpool is the better decision.

When it breaks, it mixes with dust particles. It can easily be inhaled when you breathe. As it has been converted into toxic fibre, it can be dangerous for your health. The most common effect of asbestos on your health is lung cancer. If it is in damage condition, then Asbestos Removal Blackpool is the essential process that we need to follow. Sometimes people are confused about the presence of asbestos in their home and building. In the case, you need not panic. Just follow a simple detection process. Take a sample from suspected area and go the laboratory for further investigation.

If the result is negative, then you have to take some immediate action against asbestos. In case asbestos is in good condition then cover it with some protective layer. It will decrease the chances of further damage. When you are taking a sample for lab testing, you have to follow some precaution. You should not use it directly, spray some water over the asbestos material then take the sample.

Leave it to the experts

Don’t try it yourself. It can be dangerous. So always take help of some professional and certified contractor. He will do the work for you. Commonly three people are required to complete the process. Two people for Asbestos Removal Blackpool and the third one for water spray.

When you are hiring a professional contractor, check his license. If he is not licensed by asbestos abatement, then don’t hire him. There is a legal procedure for the removal of asbestos. Make sure that same legal process is followed by the contractor in your home. Mostly contractors skip some steps. Make a paper plan and confirm it time to time. Also, check that the contractor should be well trained. If he is not trained, then you should look for some other experienced contractor.

Keep all the electric appliances and furniture away from the infected area. Close the doors and windows and seal the room with plastic tape. If you do not remove all the electric wires and appliances, they can come in contact with water. Short circuits and electric current are the common consequences. So you should be aware of all these things.

What’s the removal process?

Removal process also includes some necessary equipment like a respirator, gloves, and goggles. You also require some additional equipment like asbestos disposal bags, detergent, plastic sheeting, duct tape and putty knives. You should be prepared with all the equipment for an immediate action.

You also need eye protection and hand gloves. But these equipment are not enough. You also require some extra elements like liquid detergent, waste disposal bags, putty knives, duct tapes and plastic sheeting. If you do not remove asbestos immediately from your home, then it can disturb the health of the complete family.

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